My Games 18/10/2016 - Day 2 at SMAK 6 Cup

Oct 28, 2016, 7:22 AM |

Hello everyone, and as I promised, I will post the games I've played on the second day at the SMAK 6 Cup. You can read about the first day here

To be honest, I was actually very sick on this day. I didn't even go to school on the morning, and I wear my hoodie all the time. However, thanks to God, fortunately I managed to win all games on the second game. And since I lost the last game on the first day, I got the second place in the tournament.

18th October

To sum up:
1) When your opponent makes a touch move violation, just claim it to the arbiter! It is part of the game!
2) Always try to look for potential opponent replies before making a move. If he can force you to move the same piece again, you had better retreat it some squares further!
3) Never resign when you are playing at club level, especially in timed chess. My tiebreaker game seems to be a disaster until I realize that his position is quite dangerous too!
4) Health does not affect your chess.
5) Throughout the tournament, I had 3 wins with Black, 1 loss with White, and 2 wins with White. It simply shows that colors does not matter too.
6) Always confirm the system of tiebreakers at most before the start of the last round. Otherwise, I would be easily tricked with some 'instantly made rules' such as 'fewest losses takes precedence' and end up in the 3rd place without a fight. Luckily, the committee did not do such a ridiculous thing
7) I would definitely come back next year, especially since Edwin, Johannes, and Sean cannot participate anymore!