My Games 24-29/7/2016 - Learning from Mistakes

Jul 29, 2016, 9:04 PM |

Hello everyone, now I'm going to post two games I played recently in this site. I'm a defensive player, and my hobby is to accept sacs and gambits and defend (or sometimes, tortured) for a long time. In the first game, I played waaay too passively (as Silman said, lazy moves), and end up in a mating net. In the second, I realized that I have active pieces in addition to extra material, and I must convert both of them. Here are they:

24th of July

25th of July

As you see, I learned my mistake in the first game - playing lazy moves once I have more material - so that in the second game I kept looking for active possibilities that my pieces can have. Hope this blog helps!