My Games 4/11/2016 - An Unfortunate Loss and 3-Check Games

Nov 6, 2016, 4:43 AM |

It's been months since I play this game against mjm16 (which is also my first ever team match). He is quite higher rated, however, I must say that I am dominating the entire game, yet a one-move blunder (combined with my ambition to avoid a draw) costs me a very unlucky result. Nevertheless, the game is quite interesting, and it would be my best win ever had I converted everything well.


15th August - 4th November

Meanwhile, on the exact same day, I played in a 3-check tournament, where I must blame my internet connection for my loss on the last round. However, I really like all of the games there. 
4th November
1) Do not be afraid accepting a draw when you used to be winning. Forget the past, look only the current board. Especially, when you are facing a better player, a draw gives you some rating points.
2) Never play e4 and d4 on 3-Check Chess!