My Games 5-7/8/2016 - Positional Victories against Better Players

Aug 12, 2016, 7:49 AM |

Chess is 99% tactics. Really? No!

Until a player reach the skill level of "master", chess tactics tend to ultimately decide the outcomes of games more often than chess strategy does. Really?

Last week I played a couple of games against 1600 players (I'm 1500 there) and I (luckily) emerged victorious on both games.

The first game features an unusual game of mine where I was losing a pawn and attack successfully. The second game is practically the first game which I win positionally in the endgame.

Here are the games. Enjoy!

5th August

7th August

As you see, though my play was not perfect, but it shows how strategic thinking is very useful even in my low-rating level. Despite my opponents blundered at the end of the game, those blunders wouldn't be possible without my positional advantages.

Hope this blog is useful. Have a nice weekend, everyone!