My Games 1/7/2016 -  Ratings don't matter.

My Games 1/7/2016 - Ratings don't matter.

Jul 2, 2016, 1:16 AM |

Hi everyone, yesterday, I played a couple of 3|2 games which I think really shows that rating is just a number and doesn't really determine the outcome of a game. The first four is against Melvindestroyer and he has quite a lower rating than me. Sit back, and here are the games.

There is my games against Melvindestroyer, and the next is against cpetrescu. He is a 1500-rated, but unfortunately I only played 2 games against him. Here are they.

And there it is, against a lower rated player it is 1-0-3, while against a higher one I did 2-0-0. 

Lesson: Do not underestimate a lower rated opponent, and do not be afraid of any higher rated players. They might be drunk when they play you Smile.