Write a custom thesis on chess playing art

Write a custom thesis on chess playing art


There is a reason why chess has inspired many artworks. You should have realized that writers and players usually draw upon art language to describe chess ideas. Researchers have found this interesting scenario and have continued to establish whether there is something inherently aesthetic about chess. So, what is Chess?  Well, this is a two-player strategy board game usually played on a checkered chessboard with 64 squares set in an 8x8 grid. The game can spark your creativity by activating your brain’s right side. Ideally, it helps you unleash your originality. This has been the main basis for continued custom thesis works by different scholars around the globe. If you have chosen to write your thesis in this area, there is a lot to cover. All you need is to make the right preparation prior to writing.


Help with a Custom Thesis Paper on Chess Art


If you want to write a thesis paper about the art of playing chess, I have some advice for you. The fact that you can play chess well doesn’t mean you can write a perfect thesis on this topic. You need to look at a number of factors that revolved around the game, particularly with insight from other writers. Personally, I used the help of a thesis writing service to write my thesis on this topic despite being good at it. There are different aspects that come into play when writing an academic paper and therefore, it is important to get the input of other scholars prior to writing.


When establishing the foundation of my thesis paper, I made consultations from different authors to look at the gaps that existed in this area. Gary Alan’s, “Players and Pawns: How Chess Builds Community and Culture” was very useful in providing information about the impact of chess on community development and way of life. The author describes chess as a social duet where two players engage in silent dialogue taking each other into account as they play.  Research of this nature will help open your mind and eyes to see the game from a different angle. You can source for sample papers from dissertation writing services to help you understand how to go about writing your thesis.


Another useful study that I used was “The Effects of Chess Instruction on Pupils' Cognitive and Academic Skills” by Sala, Foley and Gobet (2017).  The authors in this research claimed that Chess instruction improved the mathematical abilities of both primary and middle school learners. Put together, ideas from these two studies helped me develop my thesis on how Chess creates life balance and promotes excellence among student players.


Writing Your Thesis Paper on Chess Art


The art of playing chess has produced interesting scenarios that have invited in-depth study on them. Here are useful things to consider when writing your thesis on this topic:


  • Read extensively. It is always advisable to write your work from a well-informed point of view. Therefore, take time to study and read works of those who have studied this area before. This approach will help you write your paper seamlessly without getting stuck along the way.


  • Define your thesis topic. After going through a series of studies completed in this area, see what gaps have been left out. Based on your findings, define your topic for the study. Your topic should be unique and objective. Use thesis assistance from reliable online platforms if you want to be guided on this requirement.


  • Identify sources to use. A review of literature for your paper is normally pegged on works that have helped you build your study. Consult different studies on Chess and its impact in order to help you establish the direction of your study.


  • Prepare an outline. To get organized in your writing process, come up with an outline for your paper. List all the items that you intent to cover. This will help you write your paper in a coherent manner without leaving out important details.


  • Seek professional writing help. Technology and internet have made much easier today for people like you. Students can now seek professional writing help to accomplish their assignments. With the help of PhD writing services, your thesis on chess playing art will become more doable for you than when working on your own. Don’t make any assumptions. Instead, make use of these services to seek further clarifications should you have questions about your paper.


The art of playing chess has prompted a lot of interest in social studies. Research has shown that chess art has had a significant impact on the player’s performance and behaviour. It involves quick thinking and an ability to solve problems since your opponent is changing parameters constantly. This is an interesting area that you could base your thesis on. There are plenty of things to cover.