Chess Unlimited

Nov 8, 2009, 4:58 PM |

I recently became the Super Admin of one of the BIGGEST groups on Chess Unlimited!

This will explain us:

Welcome to Chess Unlimited! I would like to invite you to join this marvelous group. This group was made for you and I to improve our chess skills.This group has gathered more than 1950 brilliant, talented individuals that LOVE to play chess. Chess Unlimited is very competitive in Vote Chess Games and Team Matches We are the 3rd best in team matches and 5th in vote chess! With your help we could be first!!!.There are new chess puzzles everyday for you to solve. We also have forums, photos, events, tournaments, variant chess, mentoring programs, Endgame puzzles, a Q and A forum and much more! I hope you will seize the opportunity and join one of the best groups on the site. This group is the oldest group that has the same owner since it was created. We have a mentoring program for students and mentors. We have 1 NM in our group! We also are the first group to have a Twitter page! WE ARE NOW THE BIGGEST CHESS GROUP ON CHESS.COM!!!

We almost have more than 2000 members!
Here is the link to this wonderful group:
Here's if your so excited that you want to join NOW!
See you there!