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Teaching Chess

Teaching Chess

Mar 19, 2015, 9:00 AM 2

What is the first thing that you should teach a child or a person just learning the game of chess.  Well how the pieces move of course... But then what should you show them next.  I think it is important to make the game seem as interesting as possible so top on my list is 4 move checkmate! 1. e4 e5 2. Bd4 and something Nc6 3. Qf3 something d4? then BOOM Qf7 mate.  By guiding a player just learning to checkmate you while you make mistakes makes them feel the greatness chess beholds.  Then you can go on to show them other queen saq checkmates and so forth.  My whole point here is even though this part of chess is irrelevant in the long run, their interest in the game in the long run is not.  I remember when I first learned checkmate in 4 moves and how good it felt to understand the game;  Even at a primitive level!  Now to this day some 22 years later am still learning about the game. It is such a long lesson and certain to be longer! For anyone's eyes who find this, take it as an opportunity to show your friend's these silly but interesting aspects of the game first, and perhaps you'll create a lesson of a lifetime.  Thanks,


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