When chess players get ugly over meaningless internet chess

Aug 26, 2014, 9:26 AM |

It's with a mixture of humor and sadness that I present the following.

I like to play blitz chess but have had many uncomfortable games wherein the chat was abusive, foul, rude, etc. So now I play with chat automatically disabled.

Then, when the game is over, I frequently visit the opponent's profile and leave a nice note on their page saying something like "You played great and beat me bad" or "That game was intense, thank you very much". Generally appreciative comments to someone who just spent several minutes of their short lives entertaining me. Yes, I'm entertained whether I win or lose - We all lose.

Lately I've become fascinated by the remarks I see on my opponent's profile page. The notes are so foul and full of hate that it blows my mind. How can playing a game of chess bring one to that level of negative emotion? And please note - it's brought to you both by winners and losers!

Here are some examples. I'll add more - the content is endlessly available. Example1 is great because the poster WON the game - I'm usually happy when I win:  

you f.cking coward!!! and you are so stupid you should have won you loser!!!
by Greyquest 9 months ago

Example2 is just foul. I'm guessing the poster is 14 years old:

haha, I ass raped you in a game of chess, you poser.by ArthurDiesel777 5 days ago

Now that I've started this, I'll be sure to add other gems. Please be sure to share yours. 

======================Feb 16, 2016=================

Haven't been updating this for I a long time but today I saw the following priceless gem and had to post it:

"Another fag who can't checkmate trying to run arounbd the board trying to be clever but runs out of time because he hasn't got the first clue about the real art of chess. Get off the site stupid and stop wasting peoples time. We are here to learn the art of checkmate, not dance around with useless fags who are not worth the oxegyn or food. Do the world a favour and kill yourself. save valuable oxygen and food for a baby with a future. Yours is pointless."

by Bournedude 


I sure hope death isn't hte penalty for bad chess....