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Dragon vs Yugoslav

Aug 7, 2008, 9:19 PM 0

This game actually finished just before I resigned my 'Humbled' game.  This is a Sicilian Dragon/Yugoslav Attack game.  As black I manage to solve the issues of whites typical attacking posture, although white could fine tune his handling.  I end up with a positional advantaged that, once queens were exchanged, allowed me to press white into making some mistakes, giving me the exchange and a pawn, plus position.

Update:  I've added some notes from analysis by Rybka.

I looked into the early 9. g4 move by white.  Winning with the Dragon by Chris Ward had the best explaination.  Basically, is a restraining move by white to be ready for g4-g5 if black attempts a d5 break.  Ward also mentioned that white can't really expect too fast an attack along with this because he's yet to get his king to safety.  Also, the pawn move might be a minus in an endgame.

The recommended reply is 9. ... Be6 with a number of differnt ways to play it.  9. ... Nxd4 10. Bxd4 is considered to have problems.

Also, my move of 9. ... Re8 isn't discussed and I think its because I'm too concerned with keeping my dragon bishop.  I shouldn't be worrying so much about an early Bh6 apparantly.

So my final analysis on this game was that I probably wasn't exactly evaluating correctly the worth of keeping my queen at a couple of points in the middle game.  This may have to do with some difficulty I have in complications.  With the queen gone I generally feel I can push my advantage better without risk of losing it in complications.    I probably over evaluating my advantage.

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