Aug 17, 2008, 1:43 PM |

In this next game I ultimately get outplayed in the middle game.  The title comes from the position where the queens are faced off against each other at the end of the opening and neither of us takes.  I definitely need to improve my middle game play based on this game.  I made some poor choices.  Possibly due to an inability to visualize resultant positions and properly weigh the relative strenth/weaknesses of those positions.

Here is the game with my notes.  I'll add Rybka discoveries later.

Update:  I added some findings from Rybka in the annotations.  Nothing too surprising.  At one point there is an 'in between move' that I hadn't considered that makes a particular line possible for black.  I don't know if my opponent saw this and just past on it as too risky for the reward.