First Tournament After Returning

Sep 8, 2007, 5:33 PM |

The first tournament I played in since returning was the 1st Annual UT Arlington Classic on June 23-24th.  This is intended to be a new series of annual tournaments directed by the Watauga Chess Club.

My nephew Robert and I had been meeting up on Sundays to practice and study.  Our goals for this tournament were a bit different.  I was hoping to just not drastically lower my rating.  This tournament would get me back in the game.  On the other hand, Robert is rated a bit lower than his playing strength in my opinion.  He was clearly looking to raise his ratinng.

I scored 1.5 out of 5 and Robert scored 2.0.  I managed to only lose 2 pts off my rating, and Robert raised his a full 80 pts to 1402, reaching Class C for the first time.

Although I only scored 1.5, I was pretty pleased with my performance.  We both had played in the Open section to ensure we were mostly paired with higher rated opponents.  This worked well.  My loses were to two 1900+ players and one 1600+ player.  I was actually up the exchange against the higher rated of the 1900 players at one point.  In the other I was even to the end, but made a blunder in time control.  With the 1600+ I blundered a draw at the end (although I feel the ending should have been a win for him from an earlier point). 

On the other hand, my one win against a 1667 was really sort of a swindle following an oversight on my part in the opening.  The result was a miniature:

I'm including the rest of my games here as well for anyone who would like to look at them.  In the future I'll post my games in the analysis area after going over them myself.