KedDuff vs wizzifnab 2008.07.28

Aug 4, 2008, 8:08 PM |

Here is the next game I completed.  My opponent wanted to play out of book, preferring a tactical game from the start.  I got lucky with some knight forks and KedDuff politely resigned.

I also hope my opponent wasn't bothered by my lack of chat during the game.  I'll generally start off with a 'Good luck!', if I remember to say anything at all.  My opponent made a couple of comments at the start of the game, which I didn't really respond to, mostly because I'm easily distracted Smile  His comments were of the friendly competitive nature so I wouldn't have minded a chat after the game, but usually it seems the opponent doesn't really check back.

Anyway, here is the game.  I need to see if there are any 'refutations' for the opening line used.

Update:  I've added some comments after looking at the game with Rybka.

Boy, is my rating inflated at this point 2051!  In the next game I'll post, you'll see me get humbled pretty quickly.