Surrendered Diagonals.

Aug 19, 2008, 6:16 PM |

Here is the latest game I recently completed.  I've added my usual annotations.  I do feel that I tend to forget a lot of important stuff that I was seeing during the game by the time I review/analyze the game at completion.  I may start using the Note feature more to try to capture ideas.  I'll limit my notes to stuff that has already passed in the game.  Although this isn't OTB play, I like to hold to the same restrictions and feel using the Notes in any other fashion seems like a bit of crutch.  On the other hand, OTB, you don't generally play 10 games at once over a month time period.

Update:  I've updated the annotiations after consulting Rybka.  I did make a blunder early on that was overlooked.  Its one of those situations where you rely on the protection of a knight even though its pinned.  I'm usually careful in those types of situations but I clearly miscalculated this time and luckily my opponent overlooked it.  There are a number of places in the early middle game where Rybka wasn't pleased with my choices.  However, other than the blunder my choices were dubious at worst, versus bad moves.  Another interesting thing to note is that Rybka wasn't happy with my attempts to simplify towards the end-game.  I'm a little concerned about this, but not too much.  I think its fair to convert a sizeable material advantage down to just a small one if the simplification is a clearly won end-game.  For instance you might just be 1 pawn up but if its an outside passed pawn, you can easily evaluate if it is a win, rather than let things stay more complicated than necessary, and leaving a chance for mistake to turn the tables to a draw or worse.