wizzifnab vs chebon 2008.07.20

Jul 31, 2008, 7:15 PM |

Here is my latest game.  I played the Colle.  I didn't play exactly as I should in the first few moves and I believe black could have taken advantage of that.  However, I was able to get the typical setup and had a very successful e4 break.  I'll let Rybka look the game over for improvements and post an update with what I find.

By the way, this pushed me to 1953!  However, on a more realistic side.  I'm just USCF 1572 so this is clearly inflated.  I've only completed 9 games.  We'll see where I end up when I have played more games.


I've added notes from Rybka which pointed out the key mistakes for black.  There are a couple of places where white could win faster, but at that point white is up enough that I don't think its significant.