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wizzifnab vs medina 2008.07.20

Jul 26, 2008, 1:56 PM 2

Here is the latest game I played.  The rating of my opponent has gotten progressively higher, about 200 pts each game.


I've added Rybka notes.  Although I knew the 18. ... Nd5 move was probably not best, Rybka clearly saw this as a key point and noted that the improvement was 18. ... Nxe5 where black had basically an even game.


I haven't been able to identify the defensive system black was using.  I've left him a message asking.  Typically people try to transpose to some system or another that they're familiar with.  I figure black was trying to steer into some 'Indian' defense used against the Queen's Pawn Openings.  I'm just not familiar with them enough to know.

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