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wizzifnab vs veron_aldea 2008.07.30

Aug 2, 2008, 9:41 PM 0

Here is my latest game.  I enjoyed this game.  In the middle I get to a position where I feel I have the advantage.  Then, I make what I feel is a bad choice in placement of my queen and black gets the initiative with some kingside threats.  I eventually make a decision (seemed like the only decision I could make) to give back my extra pawn in order to solidify the position in what I believe to be a won endgame for me.  Unfortunately my opponent accidentally hung his queen near the end and we didn't get to play out the endgame.  I think I may set up the position and play it against the computer to verify if it was won.  I'll update here with how that turns out.

Anyway, here is the game with just my notes, I'll add anything I find from Rybka later.


I've added some notes after letting Rybka analyze.  My big learnings were that I definitely need to improve my abiliting to calculate moves.  Several moves I considered, but passed on as risky because I couldn't see the lines clearly enough.  I also need to improve my ability to evaluate whether a position is good/bad, since some of the lines that Rybka gave wasn't convincing to me.  Also, I am a bit more cautious than Rybka, but I think that as a human that is reasonable to a degree.

I've recently looked up the starting move order, wanting to know what is suggested for Colle players facing an early Bg5.  Here are few moves in a line I found:

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