Things people should not talk about


Why is it there are so many people out there that think they know what is going on? How many times have you heard things like...We are in Iraq for the oil...or the world is controlled by a small elite group...or whatever else these people think they know.


Do they really know the truth? Were they the ones that decided on whatever it is they are talking about? Do they have the inside scoop on EVERYTHING!!!! They must be all knowing and all seeing to be able to know EVERYTHING.

They think they know the the truth but in reality they know no more than the rest of us but they want us to believe what they believe.


I am rambling here, but dam, what arrogance to think they have the answers to 

things they in reality know very little about.



Someone that doesn't know it all but knows enough to know they don't know it all and isn't about to assume they do or come to a conclusion without the facts and I mean the facts about anything. Words written by a person do not make it a fact either. It just makes it something written by a person. No more no less. Maybe these people should remember that. Just because it is writen doesn't make it a fact.