To Resign or Not To Resign


This is something I wrote for English lit class. If you have any lines that you think might be better, or if this has been done before, please tell me. 


1    To resign or not to resign – that is the question:

2    Whether ‘tis honorable to risk the plight of the Sicilian,

3    Or to take up bishops against a wall of knights,

4    And by attacking, trap them. To checkmate to check –

5    No more – and by a checkmate to end,

6    The blunders and the thousand natural openings,

7    That chess is prone  to – ‘tis a board

8    Often to be feared. To checkmate, to check–

9    To check perchance to draw.

10 For when awaiting a checkmate what draws may come,

11  Alas after we have shuffled off a humiliating defeat,

12  Must give us ponderings.  There’s the arrogance

13  That makes calamity of so long a game.

14  For who would bear the tactics and pressure of Chess,

15  Th’ trapped rooks, the awkward knights,

16  The pawns of despised walls, the opponents delay

17  The immobility of the king, the scholars mate

18  That all intellectuals force upon the inexperienced.

19  Why not tip the king and end a weary game,

20 Who chooses to think and sweat under an identical game

21  But to dread the drop in your rating

22  And to face the downward spiral from where

23  No traveler returns, puzzles the player

24  And makes us stupefied of our analysis

25  Which sickens us to the tactics we know

 26  Rather than learn ones we don’t?

27  Fear of mates makes cowards of us all,

28  Our risky sacrifices turn weak on extensive variations

29  Defenses that should be carried out early get

30  Sidetracked, and stop being defenses entirely…