If You Only Knew

Oct 20, 2011, 7:08 PM |

If You Only Knew…


If you only knew

How much I care

Would you flee

Or would you still be there?


Would you turn away from me?

And say “it was for the best”

Or would you laugh at me

And ask me if this was some kind of test?


I don’t know what to do

Because deep inside my heart,

I’m in love with you

And I’m so afraid of falling apart.


So much has happened to me,

In so little time

How did I get here

How do I even attempt to walk this line?


The line between love and friendship

No one ever really knows

But how do you distinguish true love

From how a true friendship grows?


I’m caught in between

That rock in a hard place

My heart is free to run

Yet for you I want to stay in one place.


This lonely heart bleeds

For someone to love

I’ve tried so hard to suppress these needs

Still all I am is one lonesome dove.


Is there a mate for me,

Or am I just one of the lost?

Will I ever get the chance to be

Someone truly worth the cost?


And can you ever really know

How much you mean to me

Or is it touch and go

And maybe, eventually you will see?


If only you knew,

Just how much I care

If only you knew

Just how much I long to be there.