1. Vocabulary (Don't Worry!)

May 6, 2010, 6:34 PM |

Before we start talking tactics, you need to know some words that we'll be using. Here they are, along with definitions:

  • Developed

Pieces are "developed" when they are in a position to either attack the opponent, or defend the king. Here is an illustration:







The knights on both sides are developed, and the white bishop is developed. The pawns are NOT developed, even though they are in the middle. They cannot move, so they cannot attack or defend well. The black bishop on the right is not developed, even though it can defend that diagonal.

  • Opening

The opening refers to the period in the game starting at the beginning of the game to the point where most pieces are developed.

  • Middlegame

The middlegame starts when most pieces are developed to the point where there are little to no pawns left on the board, and most other pieces have been captured. Here is an illustration of when the middlegame starts:











  • Endgame

Endgame starts when most pawns are captured or blocked, and most other pieces have been captured. This lasts until checkmate. Here is an illustration of when endgame starts:








  • Pawn structure

Pawn structure refers to how your pawns are placed on the board.

That's really all you need to know right now. Next time, we'll start talking about opening tactics.