2. Basic Opening Strategy

May 7, 2010, 4:38 PM |

The point of the opening is to develop your pieces (read knights and bishops), right? So this opening would not be a good one to try:




Not only do you have a dead knight, but now you have an undeveloped board AND a ticked-off queen on the other side. That brings us to our next tip- the queen is generally not a good thing to agitate OR move during the opening. The reason that you don't want to move it is that because if your opponent is competent at opening strategy, they will have developed their pieces, making it a minefield for your queen. (I, in a tournament, lost the only game I lost in the tournament by bringing out the queen too early.) That rules out this one:


Also, keep in mind that rooks are also not a good thing to bring out. They're more useful in the midgame and endgame. I always say that pieces should be brought out in reverse point value. Here's the standard:

Pawns = 1

Knights and Bishops = 3 (Sometimes bishops are valued at 3.5)

Rooks = 5

Queen = 9

The next thing to know is that controlling the center is like controlling the game. So that rules out this:


Now the bishop cannot move anywhere, because white did not control the center.

I should also note that castling is a good idea during the opening, but not required. I say that last part because some players move all their pieces out into the open just so the king can castle.

So, now that we know all that, this is a good opening.