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A Game with Magnus complete?!

A Game with Magnus complete?!

May 17, 2014, 9:58 PM 9

1.b3 e5 2.Bb2 Nc6 3.e3 Nf6 4.Bb5 Bd6 5.Na3 Na5  ( I prepared this very odd looking move ten years ago while studying 1.b3 )  6.Be2 c6 7.c4 Qe7 8.Nc2 c5 9.d3 Nc6 10.Nf3 0-0 11.0-0 Bc7 12.e4 (If Carlsen wasn't in hurry I expect he would have played a reverse hedgehog here by allowing me to play d5 )  d6 13.Ne3 g6 14.Nd5 Nxd5 15.cxd5 Nd4 16.Nxd4 cxd4 17.Qd2 Bd7 18.Rac1 Bb6 19.f4 f5

20.Bf3 Rac8 21.fxe5 Qxe5 22.exf5 Qe3+ 23.Qf2 Bxf5 24.Rfe1 Qxf2+ 25.Kxf2 Rxc1 26.Rxc1 Bxd3 27.Ba1 Beginning with this move there were only two players left and I had to play instant chess with the World Champion. I have tried to reconstruct the game from memory and the positions visible in photos. More work is needed - I do not think he played Ba1 here and there is a tempo missing somewhere - but all the rest of the moves happened  27...Be4 28.Ke2 d3+ 29.Kd2 Bxf3 30.gxf3 Rxf3 31.Rc8+ Kf7 32.Bc3 Rh3 33.Rb8 g5 34.a4 Kg6 35.a5 





35...Rxh2+? [35...Bg1! I wish I had seen this idea during the game. The Black Bishop traces out a path to f4 and the White King is in great danger.] 36.Kxd3 Rh3+ 37.Kc4 Bf2?! [37...Be3 Carlsen explained that he expected to lose after Be3 but that Bf2 put White back in the game.] 38.Rxb7 Rf3 39.Rg7+ Kh6 40.Rd7 g4 41.Rxd6+ Kh5 42.Rd7 h6? Too ambitious, simply Kh6 holds a draw [42...Kh6 43.d6 (43.Rd6+) 43...g3 44.Rg7?? Rxc3+ 45.Kxc3 Kxg7 46.d7 Be1+ Black wins] 43.d6 g3 44.Rg7 Rf8 45.d7 Kh4 46.Bf6+ Kh3 Magnus hurries to get to the excellent dinner that is waiting for everyone, and I get a break! 47.d8Q? [for the first time a winning move for White is possible - 47.Rh7] 47...Rxd8 48.Bxd8 g2 49.Rxg2 [49.b4? Bg3 wins for black!!] 49...Kxg2 50.b4 h5 51.b5 h4 52.b6 axb6 53.a6 b5+ 54.Kxb5 h3 55.Bb6 Bxb6 56.Kxb6 h2 57.a7 h1Q 58.a8Q+ Kg1 59.Qxh1+ Kxh1 

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