Legendary players

Mar 5, 2009, 9:14 PM |

Known for their numerous and outstanding achievements in the game, legendary chess players have already made a lasting mark on the world of chess. Throughout the years, the names of these brilliant people are glorified by their fans and supporters. They have been fierce and determined combatants who have never wavered from the challenged posed by their equally talented opponents.

Some game observers and enthusiasts claim that there is really no means to determine who the best players of the game are. They believe that while some strategies dominate the others, these methods still succumb to some better and unique plays. At the same time, there is really no means of telling who could have win between the players of old and the new emerging competitors.

While the uncertainty of who really are the best chess players continues to linger up to this very moment, there is one remaining means to determine these players who have achieved legendary status. These people have exemplified the real essence of what real chess players should be. They have displayed patience, determination, and talents that are certainly unique to everyone.

Perusing through the pages of history books, there are some chess players whose accomplishments in the game have been religiously monitored and documented by historians and authors. Francois-Andre Danican Philidor of France, Karl Ernst Adolf Anderssen of Germany, and Paul Morphy of the U.S. are just few of the many great names in chess. They are the three earliest chess players who have achieved great things in the game.

As time went by, there are still other resilient and very talented chess players who tried to overshadow the achievements of their predecessors. These people have continued on the great tradition of showcasing their competitiveness and unique strategies in the game. Wilhelm Steinitz of Austria, Emanuel Lasker of Germany, and Jose Raul Capablanca of Cuba are among the other legendary players who showed their talents and skills to the whole wide world.

The game of chess is founded on the great names that have showed their brilliance and astonishing gamesmanship in playing this so-called game of war. These legendary chess players are living monuments of how greatness can be achieved in a seemingly ordinary board game like chess. They have contributed a lot to the very colorful and meaningful history of the game. Up until now, their names are still heralded by both amateurs and professional chess players alike.