The way of Wuyang

Oct 12, 2007, 1:23 PM |

 Since I'm new to Chess and all thing Chess I thought I might as well start a Blog of sorts to keep track of my progress. This way others can find out what I'm reading or studying as it would be. I will also be posting a list of the books I read and figure out some sort of rating system for them as well.

 Right now I'm reading and watching the Kopec system on DVD. The guy is a IM and has some intresting thoughts on the subject of Chess. However when I have used the Kopec opening playing the computer i.e. Chessmaster or such I have been crushed early and feel like it leaves me open to brutal attacks early and often. I will continue to dabble with it and post some more thoughts as I progress in the system and as a player. 

 Freddy aka wuyang