Too many games

Too many games

Nov 5, 2008, 10:49 AM |

How many games at once is too much?

There were a few tourneys I wanted to participate in. We all want to do so much and very few have the patience to wait for the right time. I didn't. There were three thematic tourneys I really wanted to play in: an e4 e5 one, a Caro Kan, and a King's Gambit Accepted.

The good: I'll get to practice opennings to build up my repetoire.

The bad: I am not on top of my game. I will likely pull sume bonehead moves.

Both were true.

Here's one of the games where I re-learned a line in the Caro Kan. BTW writing about it really brings home the lesson!

The main problem for Black with 4 ... Nd7 is developing his pieces efficiently and effectively, especially his light squared bishop on c8. There are two main ways to play against it. 5 Nf3 with quiet but efficient development to hopefully force Black out of good moves and 5 Bc4 to launch a tactical attack with a goal of forcing Black to develop inneffectively for the long run. In this game I played the "Attacking" variation. What did I learn? Just what I told you Laughing 
















in this game I didn't learn much theory, but I learned that one has to put a lot of work into openning lines in the KGA. I paid for this one dearly! A clear example of being overloaded in games and not putting in the time needed to compete. It's a hard lesson. I repeated this a few times. I'm a slow learner :(