Week 1 at Chess.com

Aug 12, 2008, 6:16 PM |

I didn't join chess.com because I had a burning desire to play chess again. I joined because some online fiends from another forum were playing. They aren't even playing here. They joined 88chess.com, a Bulgarian site. I have no issues with Bulgarians. Kiril Georgiev has been on my list of favorite GMs since watching him dazzle in the 1988 World Blitz Championship where he crushed Kasparov.

I have played quite a bit of tournament chess. I started in 1983 and over the next 15 years played over 300 rated games, taking some three years off in the middle. My top rating was 1900+ CFC. I last played in the high 1700's. Family and work are just not chess friendly activities Undecided

I searched for other chess sites mainly because 88 is pretty thin on features and I don't read Bulgarian very well. I found this place, joined, and started some games.

I did not know how the rating system here compared to actual OTB ratings. I assume they are a bit higher. I was tempted to start battling with some 1800 to 2000 players, but what the heck, I am real rusty. I know I'm going to make many blunders. I also need to catch up on theory in a whole lot of places. So what the heck, I decided to take on the little fish.

I don't mean to belittle or embarass you lower players. You are just what I need right now, and you have a great chance of beating me. While I also like to play sound positional games, I am not concerning myself so much with that now. I'd rather get whipped with some firey tactics than play a long drawn out draw.

So far it's been alright. A few of my opponents have played horrifically. That's fine. Others have played dubious moves. I've made my own blunders too, but fortunately so far they've been missed. I'm now 3-1-1 with 5 plus positions, 4 even games, and one where I'm playing like a doorknob!

My only complaint so far: I have found some of these weaker players don't know any chess etiquette. When you are clearly going to get your butt nailed to the wall, topple your King and shake hands like a true sport. If it's a draw and you are offerred a draw, accept it. Don't drag it on unneccesarily. I'm not surprised. You see that OTB too. It's no big deal, but if you are reading this, learn!

I've played lots of Caro's over the years, so I thought I'd concentrate on those for awhile. Don't be surprised if I play it. Mix it up please. I will be trying several lines. I'll eventually move onto something else, but not yet. Same with Tarrasches and maybe Grunfelds. With White I have almost always played e4. I see no reason to change. My B & C encyclopedias won't help me weed through an Indian game.

Anyhow, I'm enjoying my return very much. Hopefully I'll stick it out and maybe get back to OTB tourneys.