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Live Blog Challenge #1

Jun 4, 2015, 5:23 PM 10

Okay, so I've decided to act upon an idea that been bouncing around in my head for some time now and start a live blog of an on-going correspondence game.  The willing victim for this experiment is VirtualKnightJoakim who has kindly agreed to take part.

The concept is quite simple.  Before making my move in the game, I will create and publish a blog post outlining my thoughts, strategies, and, if applicable, variations, and try to explain the thought process that go into the making my move.  Then, as the game progresses, we see how well, or how poorly, I understood the position, and how accurate my variations were.

As this is really just an experiment into this type of thing, I've not setting any strict ground rules as to whether Joakim will read this blog or whether I will allow spoiler comments to my blog posts,  I'm going to leave such things open for now and see how it all works out.  If it works out and I decided to continue this series, I may well have to be a little more strict.  But for now it's all good clean fun.

So best of luck to my opponent, try to not embarass me too much!

Live Blog Challenge #1


DISCLAIMER:  I am not a master level player or even expert level.  At best I'm a Category A player, and struggle to even hold on to that at times, so my thoughts, comments, and ideas about the game in progress should be viewed as coming from someone with very limited ability and understanding of the game.  I'm posting these notes in the hope that they may be entertaining and instructive, but don't read too much into them.

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