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About GM Wesley So

About GM Wesley So

Sep 30, 2014, 3:43 PM 5

  Grandmaster Wesley So is a once in a lifetime talent to happen in the Philippines.Sure the country have GM Eugene Torre who is the first Asian grandmaster,but when it comes to ability to squeezing the brain to produce better results  nobody in the Philippines can be like Wesley.The problem now,which is to others myself not included is he wants to play for the USA.The initial reaction to this will be ,he is a traitor.A traitor to his country.But the thing is we are all an individuals.We want the best for ourselves.He wants a federation who can support his cause to be a champion someday.Can you blame him?I don't think so.Just like some of us someday he will have his own family.His decision to play for the USA is not all about being a champion.He is thinking about the future.Consider him to be an overseas contract worker who only wants the best for his future.The future which he deserve.

Don't worry about him.Deep in his heart he is a filipino.And we know that he is a filipino.

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