Five (5) Ways Stronger Players Insult Weaker Players (Without Making it Obvious)

Jan 11, 2017, 9:10 PM |

1. They don't want to waste time and would rather mingle with players stronger than them or equally strong as them. They will simply refuse to play with weaklings and say excuses such as "I don't feel like playing today", "Maybe later because I have to message my grandma", "I'm leaving", etc. How to fight this? You may want to offer money games or have them use a handicap (Example: Faster time control for them).


2. They will grab a queen (if applicable) as if they are going to promote their 7th rank pawn on their next move as early as middle game. This is typically seen in bullet or blitz games by the time your suffering in your cramped position where you need more time to improve your weaknesses. What is the best approach for this situation? They will probably finish you off before the pawn reaches the 8th rank so, you must resign early to keep you dignity intact.


3. They keep using more time in superior positions. But you know what? They are just looking for spectacular moves. They are probably looking for a smothered mate. Quoting Emanuel Lasker: "The hardest game to win is a won game”. How to deal with this? The right answer is also a question: Why would you keep playing if you know you're losing badly. Keep yourself away from embarrassment.


4. They will use irregular openings. They will experiment on this to keep themselves highly entertained. The bottom line is that they will let you lead in materials in exchange for a powerful attack. If you are the stronger player, just make sure you win the game as otherwise you'll end up looking very silly. How to deal with this? Simply employ the fundamentals of the game (occupy the center, castle early, etc.) and don't blunder.


5. They will offer themselves to train you when you, yourself, is already a competitive player and can study on your own. This is probably the harshest of them all. They need you to have you an impression that they are just trying to help you out but they are not. What is the best way to react? Keep on improving your chess, be a better player, and win convincingly over the "stronger" player when you meet in a tournament. Crush him/her.