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Playing against a World Champion

Playing against a World Champion

Aug 6, 2010, 12:46 PM 1

Hey guys :)


This is my first blogpost, so what better way then to start with a game I've played against the World Champion for women GM Antoaneta Stefanova back in 2005 during a sim in my hometown of Smolyan, Bulgaria.


Altough I lost in the end, I learned a lot from this game and I got to play a World Champion. And nobody say that women can't play chess! :) That is not true, and they would think twice after playing against Eti.

  I will try to make some comments of what were my ideas during the game so you have better understanding of it. I am not claiming to be "pro" or all my moves and variation to be correct, so I would appreciate any replies regarding any mistakes or interesting ideas. :)



Hope you enjoyed it. :)

And here are some photos from the event. Left is Antoaneta and on the right you can see me.



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