Gambit Lines - a New Kid in Town

Gambit Lines - a New Kid in Town

Jul 18, 2011, 9:33 PM |


Please join the Gambit Lines by pressing on the join this group selection on the bottom right hand side of the Gambit Line's home page. The Gambit Line has ongoing TVC matches in the Cochrane Gambit, Milner-Barry Gambit, and the Taimanov/Flick Knife Attack.

There are about forty of us right now in the group and it would be nice to see you join us and study gambit openings with us through TVC.

In Gambit Lines, we study gambit opening lines and attacks as a group through thematic Team Vote Chess matches and tournaments.

If you wish to share or you want to learn in a friendly group environment, this is the group for you. We only accept players who are 18 years old and above with exceptions for those with advance playing skills. We abide by the good sportsmanship practice. We believe that courtesy and respect with one another will keep this group strong and committed to achieving its goals. We encourage humorous exchanges as long as no one is offended or humiliated.

We are looking for study leaders who will initiate and lead thematic TVC games in the following gambit lines:

4 knight's Rubenstein

Albin Countergambit

Alekhine 4-Pawns Attack

Anti-Benoni/Benko system

Belgrade Gambit

Benko Gambit

Blackmar-Diemer gambit

Blumenfeld Gambit

Budapest Gambit

Central Attack Philidor Defence

Chatard-Alekhine Attack

Cochrane Gambit

Damiano gambit

Damiano variation

Danish Gambit

Dilworth variation

English Defense gambit

English Openings

Evans Gambit

Falkbeer Counter Gambit

French - Alekhine Gambit

Fried Liver Attack

From's Gambit

Gajewski Gambit

Geller-Tolush Gambit

Goring Gambit

Grand Prix Attack

Grünfeld Gambit

Hennig-Schara Gambit

Italian-Koltanowski gambit

Janisch Gambit Ruy Lopez

Kamsky Gambit

Kasparov gambit

KID Sämisch variation

King's Gambit

Kotrc-Mieses Gambit

Krejcik Gambit

Latvian Gambit

Lewis Gambit

Max Lange Attack

Milner-Barry Gambit


Panov Attack Caro-Kann defense

Petroff's Defense

Polugaevsky Gambit

Ponziani's Opening

Riga Variation

Scandinavian Gambit

Schliemann Defense Deferred

Semi-Slav: Winawer variation

Shilling Gambit

Sicilian Moscow variation

Sicilian Nimzowitsch

Siesta Variation

Spielmann Gambit

Staunton Gambit - Dutch defense

Taimanov/Flick-Knife Attack

Tal Gambit

Tartakower variation

Torre Attack: Spassky Gammbit

Traxler counter-attack

Trompowsky Attack: Vaganian Gambit

Two Knights Chigorin Gambit

Two Knights Morphy Attack

Urusov Gambit

Vienna Gambit

Vienna: Frankenstein-Dracula

Vitolinsh Gambits'

Wagner Gambit