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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Jan 19, 2010, 1:28 PM 6

So, as I'm really into numbers a lot. I tried to set some goals and see if I can predict the future based on that.

I'm talking about my goals here on chess.com

As of today 1/19/10, I have a score of 1506 and a percentage win of 52%. My average opponent ranking is 1405.

I assumed that I will be winning 70% of my next 50 games. (I know that's a high goal, but I like to aim high Cool )

Based on todays ranking, I would gain 6 points for each game I win, loose 10 for each game I loose and will loose 2 points for each draw game. That's based on a 1405 ranking opponent. Based on all that, after 50 games from now (That's game #523) I should have a ranking of 1536)

I will be going back to this blog to see how far off I'm from that.

To be reasonable, I will be averaging my ranking from game #518 to #528.

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