Accelerated Dragon in the Olympiad Round 3

IM yian123

Round 3! Ding!

It's getting harder to find games in the Accelerated Dragon as the Olympiad goes on. Top level players prefer other openings to play, as the player with the black side realizes that the Accelerated Dragon is rather unpleasant to play against any player at a certain level. I think the cutoff level is around 2000-2200 USCF strength, where Black should consider learning another opening, which is what I did.

 I am likely to start posting thoughts on the Kan after this post, as accelerated dragon games become increasingly hard to find and the amount of new material to show decreases. Let me know what you think in the comments or message me!

Here are the games!

The first game is a unusual Maroczy, the next game covers an important line from the black side.

The Line in the following game can be used as a surprise line from the Black side, though if white knows what to do the game will be unpleasant for black to play. Take caution!

The last game shows what happens if black doesn't take dynamic measures to counter white's grip in the Maroczy Bind.

Again, let me know in the comments or message me if you think I should continue covering the accelerated dragon in the Olympiad or move on to the kan!