Exposed Pawn Structures in Kan

IM yian123
Oct 7, 2016, 10:08 PM |

In the Kan, white has the option to keep his pawn structure steady or become more adventurous with his pawn setups. In the following games, more adventurous lines in the kan for white and black will be discussed.

Game 1: b3 kan + Few inaccuracies by black= Quick loss

Even if black has managed a slight edge through precise play at the beginning, if he does not continue precise play, then white can run him over.

Game 2: A interesting response to the Be2 line in the qc7 Kan.

This line introduces more strategic imbalances than usual to the player with the black pieces, which made me uncomfortable at the beginning.

The Final game shows how black can take advantage of the dark squares in the maroczy bind if white is too careless with his pawn structure.

These games all show interesting strategic ideas that black can employ when white decides to extend his pawn structure more than necessary.