Pawn Breaks in the Kan: Reflection Continued

IM yian123
Sep 23, 2016, 9:29 PM |

In my coverage of the Kan through the analysis of my games, I have not really covered pawn breaks or analyzed different setups for black based on how white reacts to this line. I will cover a bit here.

In the summer of 2010, I went on a hot streak with good play over the summer. Looking back, it was a particularly good summer in my life, in terms of chess progress and overall joy. Some of the positivity carried over to my games.

First, a relatively timid and commonsense treatment of the kan is discussed, along with the e5 break for black.

Next up is a interesting game in a rarer variation of the the marozcy bind.

The game above was one of my earliest wins against an International Master, and I was quite proud of the game at the time due to the good strategic judgement I made and the preciseness of my tactics and technique.

The last game is a game at the US Cadet Championship 2010, where I tied for first.

All of these games show increased sophistication in the complexity of the strategic and tactical nuances in the kan, which reflected my opponents' increased strength and my improvement under the mentorship of my teacher, Predrag Trajkovic.