Personal Reflection on the Kan Part 2

IM yian123
Sep 16, 2016, 10:45 PM |

As I progressed in 2010, my strategical understanding began to improve leaps and bounds under the tutelage of GM Predrag Trajkovic, which showed in my improved games in the Kan. My games show a counterattacking flair to them with some analysis on how to play the kan with the black pieces.

First game:

Notice how White did not hang material: but was strategically outplayed. This is one joy the players with the black pieces have when his opponent does not know exactly what to do.

Second game: Quick overextension by white, followed by some precise defensive moves and steady technique.

The third game is against Samuel Sevian.

Notice how black needs to be able to defend precisely and exploit positional weaknesses in white's position. This is generally black's way of playing: no tactical messes from the start. Nevertheless, it is not easy for white to play either. In the next post, I will show some games where I lacked sufficient expertise to deal with the challenges that white threw at me.