Ruy Cozio Review Part 2

IM yian123
Dec 27, 2016, 12:26 PM |

The Ruy Cozio is an interesting alternative to the main lines of the Ruy like the Chigorin to play. The Cozio is not objectively bad, and it contains a good surprise factor even for opponents that reach the national master (2200 USCF/FIDE) level. I did not have a proper response for the Cozio when I was 2200 USCF or 2300 USCF!

Below are some main lines in the Cozio. Even against world-class opposition, the Cozio holds its own in long time controls. It is not recommended for players with the black pieces to use it as their main defense.

Critical Line Bc2:

Side line(and makes lot of sense!) Nc3: