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UC Berkeley at 2017 Pan-Ams Part 2

UC Berkeley at 2017 Pan-Ams Part 2

Jan 3, 2018, 12:38 PM 0

After beating Washington University in St.Louis in round 2, I thought we had a high chance of playing Texas Tech A in round 3. Surely enough, we were paired with Texas Tech A in round 3, and I had the black pieces against Andrey Baryshpolets. Before the game, I thought he would play Nf3,d4,or c4, but my preparation went out the window on move 1 when he played e4. It turned out that I had a hole in my opening repertoire as I went astray right after theory ended.

On the other boards, we got outclassed and ended up getting wiped out 0-4. Below is our Board 4's game against Texas Tech.

Strangely enough, my board was the last game to finish for the first 3 rounds, but the first to finish for the last 3 rounds. To decompress after this loss, we played bughouse until 1 or 2am, as we waited for pairings to come out.

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