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Blitz: An Evenly-matched Contest!

Blitz: An Evenly-matched Contest!

Aug 10, 2014, 11:10 AM 2

It's not everyday that you can play a few evenly matched games. That was the case when I played dmnguni yesterday. We played 7 games, each winning three and drawing once. Our ratings at the end were the same (at least for me) as they were at the beginning.

Well, it wasn't that evenly-matched. If you consider the games individually, you might wonder how is it possible that the series was even. Yet, there was a strange effect that made all the winning games on black's side. It may be because of the 3 0 time limit, but get ready for some epic comebacks and chokes!

It wasn't pretty, but that's what makes these games a beauty. Note the domincance of Black in all 7 games.

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