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Marathon Bullet Game

Marathon Bullet Game

May 16, 2015, 7:21 PM 0

In the chess world, bullet games are meant to be fast. With only 1 or 2 min to start on the clock, and a few seconds of incrememnt at most, bullet games should be able to finish within 2-5 minutes.

Or, so I thought.

Last month, I was playing a 1 min + 2s on the FIDE online chess server and it lasted 9 minutes! Started at 15:49 and ended at 15:58!!

It was an instant classic. I refused to hand back a temporarily sacrificed pawn in the opening and was under siege because of it for most of the middlegame. I barely survived that, and my efforts in defense made it so that I had less than 16 sec on my clock every move starting from move 32. Luckily, I had an advantage in the endgame and was able to narrow the time difference between him and me (30s at one point!) and benefit from his errors. Here is the game:

What made this particularly stressful was that I was playing in class. Luckily, we were dismissed at 15:55, giving me 3 minutes to concentrate on the endgame!
So the next time you hear bullet chess mentioned around, remember that some games could be marathons!!

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