Playing one minute online: A great win and a new high!

Playing one minute online: A great win and a new high!

NM whogeeyao

Recently my mouse ran out of batteries and there were no fresh ones at my place. So I've been stuck with the built-in touch pad for the first few days.Cry

Regardless, I've been playing really well in bullet. How well? Career-best well. Obviously, that is not saying much, considering that you are playing one minute games and you can get streaky (and lucky!). However, breaking through is nonetheless difficult.

Usually, I have my bullet rating stable at around 2125-2140. On a good day, I can peak to 2160 before stabling. However, these days I have been stabling above 2170.

I have broken 2200 in the past. My previous highest rating was 2249, established March 23, 2014. But it is definitely difficult to maintain such a level.

On August 3, I got myself back to 2200 for the first time in a while.

I beat FM jlandaw for just the second time in 11 games

Unfortunately, that stay in the 2200 lasted very brief, as I quickly plummeted to as low as 2067 shortly after and 2052 a few days after! Clearly, bullet is a game of momentum!

Eleven days later, I broke 2200 again, this time beating FM Gransiurell

However, that stay in 2200 didn't last too long, as I dropped shortly after. But with this game: I managed to close at 2180 for the day.
I knew I was getting close. But I never expected next-day close.
           On August 15, by playing exclusively with people rated above me, I earned over 70 points.
       I started my day with a convincing 5-game match vs. soloentrenamiento. After splitting the first 18 games in our rivalry, I had his number, winning 4 times and conceding only a draw. Then, I went 1-1 vs Servantik, thanks to this outrageous checkmate. I had a little setback vs. FM Eusebius, going 1-3 and losing an abandoned game -- I find that sometimes you lose a game when you abort vs a titled player?! what's up with that... However, I got my act back together and went 1-1 with CM JamesColeman.
Now comes the brilliant part.
After splitting the first two games vs. IM AndreyOstrovskiy, I reel off 4 straight games in dominant fashion, stripping down his rating so that he actually had less points than me by the end of the 6 games.
At that point I had 2248. One point removed from my career best. At that point, I could try to play a lower-rated opponent, but that was too risky in the case that I lose. So I stick with my approach of playing highly rated players and met MC2900:
Wow! That felt good.
Notice that everytime I break through to 2200, I had to do so in stunning fashion vs. a titled player. I guess that makes the 2200 level more special. As I stay above, I will play more titled players and my rating will probably go down. But I will not forget this most recent run to a career best!
Thanks to Danik1 for providing me with the date of my previous personal career best. He is my co-admin for Learning Inc. MythBulletChess is superadmin