Playing one minute online: Every moment counts!

Playing one minute online: Every moment counts!

Jun 19, 2012, 3:43 PM |

When you play one minute or two minute games, flagging in bound to happen. It may not be by much, but 0.1 seconds can be the difference between a +10 gain or a -6 loss

This blog is going to discuss the ugliest results in bullet history (personal) for a one minute game.


Game 1

After starting the day at 2034, I made an ascent to 2095 before closing at 2084. I meet this guy: CogSciGuy, rated 100 points lower than me. We have a match, with me winning 4-3 in a heated battle. This was game 6.




 Game 2

After starting the day with 2095, I fight against adversity to rise to a 2147. I finish the day in "style":

Game 3
As I break 2200 for the first time, I am quickly booted back to 2186 by a 2300. Then, this FM decides to pick on me. What a bad choice he made. Tongue out
The only advantage I held in all three games was a time advantage. But that proved to the difference between a 23 point loss and a 16 point gain, a differential of 39 points! That is a lot! I have many of these games that went against me...

So my closing remarks are: do not be a victim! In 1 0, premove, premove and premove appropriately. If you know you are going to flag, capture your opponent's every piece!!!
If you're losing, stay opportunist, and play sharp! Never give up!