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Does one get better & better, or sometimes not?

Does one get better & better, or sometimes not?

Dec 20, 2013, 12:55 AM 5


heya there, Jeddah, and thankyou for your email, for your thoughts about how David C's words "speak to your condition", to use that Quaker phrase.  I like your extended metaphor, and I understand that you agree with me, rather than with David.   In your case, ability with chess has gone from strength to strength: you have improved steadily, without becoming incapacitated by new information.  

David Stokes's situation seems to be the reverse.  While at dinner at his place last Wednesday, he and I had a great yak over some red wine, the sun setting over the hills beyond their balcony, Roaring Beach whispering to us in the distance.  David confirmed Courtney's notions.  He often takes one step forward, one back - a frustrating thing for him, as he loves his chess, takes it quite seriously, is one of the best players in our group, and so on. David, I am sorry that you have been too busy to join us much on Saturdays of recent months!  It will be good to have you with us tomorrow, Dec.21st.

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