hello from Bali

Jul 8, 2013, 1:29 PM |

 Daniel responded by email, and though I've not asked him for permission I include it here:

Hi Henry,
Sounds like the chess club is going well still? although the standards must of slipped since I left 😉
How are you? Say hi to every one for me.
Helen and I are doing well enjoying the weather and doing some diving training in Bali.
I still play the occasional game of chess against the computer but nothing worth blogging about! haha.
Take care and speak soon,

 Yes indeed, Helen & Daniel, you are missed, here ... though there been others joining us since.  Jamie and Viga hadn't played at all, really, before joining us; but as they were (they've also left, now!) really smart young women they were quickly playing rather well, I thought.  Alessandro plays well, too, and has defeated Ilan, once, which is pretty good.  Does your email suggest you think of returning to Tasmania?  I hope so. Meanwhile, life sounds good for you just where you are.

I think that you can post on this BLOG once you join up with chess.com, and all you need for that is your name, a moniker/alias and an email address.  I would be interested to hear of any thoughts and discoveries about your games on computer, Daniel !