Sat.6th July

Jul 7, 2013, 1:41 PM |

hello all,

Last Saturday at the Hub we were 8: Alessandro & Sally (both for a first time: welcome!), Peter, Jeddah, David C., Rael and me.

I'll dive straight into a game Jeddah & I played:

I think this is where we got to, with white to move. Not quite sure!  And as usual I'm less interested in the specifics than in drawing out some general ideas about how to approach the difficult game of chess... oh dear, my tone of voice has changed: I'm starting to write for something other than our small group.  This idea of doing a BLOG may have some unanticipated difficulties.  Anyway...

I played 1.Nb5

If black continued with 1....Qxe6 then 2.f5+ seems to win material, hey?  Neither 2...Qe5 or 2....Bd4 works to prevent that.

So shall I try again?  Perhaps it was a bit more like this:

I think that there are a few small morals to my story:
1. Perhaps the person doing some challenging move isn't all that sure of outcomes?
2. Your own game is valuable.  I liked Jeddah's backiing of her pawns with rooks against my king.  More of that, hey? 
Must stop typing now.  Too tired. I've stopped making sense.