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Sharp endgame position

Sharp endgame position

Feb 8, 2014, 4:22 PM 1
Ilan & I, sitting side by side, were playing Branko & Brett
But the game I would like to talk about is one between Branko & Sally.  They reached a position of considerable symmetry:
Same pieces.  Pawns facing each other  - no king or queen-side majority for either player.  Bishops both white-squared.  White is probably ahead.  Black's attacking king must pull off the capture of white's pawn without losing his own, because otherwise the black king wll be badly out of place.  It is the kind of position where the board could suddenly be cleared of all/most pieces except for kings & pawns.  If that happened here, then the white king would be better placed to attack the black pawns.  Black must also develop the rook and bishop which appear to have been neglected throughout the game.  Currently, it is as if black is playing a piece, or two pieces, down.  Does white have an advantage in Time, I wonder?  If I count the moves the current pieces are from their home-squares, as recommended by Znosko-Borovsky (the "EZB" of www.chess.com/blog/yollah/why-is-black-ahead), then I come up with the following:
1 move for white's king; 4 for black's
1 for white's rook; 0 for black's (& black must defend b7 before moving the bishop, thus enabling the rook)
2 for white's bishop, O for black's
2 white's knight, 4 for black's
4 for white's pawns, 2 for black's
To my surprise, that gives 10 moves to 12.  So is it really black that has a Time advantage?  I can't quite credit that; particularly as black is behind, developmentally.  Perhaps black is ahead, Time-wise, in respect of knight and king, only?  And of the threats black proposes, which are to take the white pawn on h-file and then turn his own pawn into a queen?  EZB wrote that the right way to take advantage of an advantage in time was to threaten.  Black is certainly doing that.  If white has an advantage in time elsewhere on the board, then perhaps white "should" make threats there?  That would "obey" the axioms about counter-attack as a best defense.

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