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life after death

Mar 8, 2010, 10:10 AM 0

when you die..

it stil can have good meaning..

if you'll be buried and become a fertilizer..

a plant or a tree may grow.

if a flower blooms.

people may smell you or be use as a gift...

if a tree grows

two things may happen to you..

first, you may become a good lumber

and be very useful in making house and furniture...

second, you may become a paper...

becoming a paper means two things again...

first, you can be a writting sheet

love letters,in school and etc.of important documents...

second is

becoming a toilet paper...

you can be used in wiping dirt or a girlsfront

to that,you can call it heaven after death...

or be wipe in back dirt

that you may call

hell after death....

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