Facing an unepected move in opening

In general, the best way to deal with any unexpected move in the opening is to simply fall back on the four opening guidelines: place a pawn or two in the center, castle, connect the Rooks, and then aim the Rooks. If you do those things you are guaranteed to get a respectable opening, even if it is not the absolute most efficient way of dealing with the enemy moves.


In addition, if the enemy planning involves a fianchetto then you will probably want to build up a pawn chain on the same color as the fianchetto Bishop


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    So true.  Thanks for the input.

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    Hi its quite interesting, one must remember of course that in chess there are norms and exceptions to the norm.  Pawn chains themselves may be a bulwark, but they may also form a natural point of attack, for they create their own strengths and weaknesses and may be subject to to attacks at the head or the base, here is an example, just two patzers playing blitz yesterday, but it illustrates the point well,

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