Book Review: How to Beat Your Dad at Chess (Murray Chandler)

Nov 11, 2013, 4:48 AM |

You may, like me, have read many recommendations for this book, but been put off by the title.  You may, like me, have read that it is good for anyone of a lower rating, regardless of age.  It could equally have been titled "50 Deadly Checkmates" as it gives in-depth analysis of typical mating patterns.  You may, like me, be shaky on both openings and end games, but if you manage to pull off one of these mates, then it's game over.  As a guide to whether this book is at your level - can you solve this puzzle, based on the first chapter of the book, and if so, how quickly?

This book is very good fun to read and I'm looking forward to pulling off some of these mating patterns - and avoiding falling victim to them.  This one is called Anastasia's mate - the book tells us this was derived from a novel published in 1903.